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How to Set a Price Alert

New to Wishpot are Price Alerts- Now, when you add an item to your wish list you can set a Price Alert. Wishpot will notify you when the item you selected goes on sale or reaches a target price.

1. Add an item

To set a Price Alert add an item to your wish list with either our search or the Wishpot Button from any of these
top 500 retail stores (view list).

2. Click Price Alert

  • On the "Add to Wishpot" window, near the bottom of the form click "Price Alert".

Price Alerts How To

3. Set your price

  • Choose if you would like Wishpot to notify you when your item is on sale for a certain price, or percentage off.
  • Click the drop down and select "drops by" to enter a percentage off or "hits" to enter a target price.
  • Click the "Add" button to save your price alert. Wishpot will now notify you by email when your item goes on sale.

Price Alerts Set Your Price

4. Try it with our search

Use our search bar or check out popular searches.

What can we help you find?

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