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  1. The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook: Featuring More Than 1,200 Kitchen-Tested Recipes

The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook: Featuring More Than 1,200 Kitchen-Tested Recipes

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Many years in the making, this comprehensive cookbook delivers more than 1,200 foolproof recipes for classic American family fare in a clear, accessible style. Beautiful step-by-step photos illuminate every conceivable technique from chopping shallots and skinning salmon to cutting up a chicken and tying a roast. In fact, just about anything you want (or need) to do in the kitchen will be explained in these pages in the test kitchen’s approachable, no-nonsense voice. In addition, the recipes will keep you busy (and your friends and family happy) for years to come since we’ve included hundreds of easy weeknight dishes (like Skillet Lasagna and One-Pot Chicken and Rice), company and holiday-worthy dinners (like Beef Burgundy, Roast Leg of Lamb, and Fresh Fruit Trifle), dozens of menus, shopping tips, equipment ratings and more.

A cooking tutorial between two covers, The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook is the one and only basic cookbook you’ll need, covering every course, from appetizers to desserts, and including chapters on breakfast, sandwiches, sauces and condiments, and beverages. Friendly test kitchen tips accompany nearly every recipe and point out either where you might go wrong or a special technique or ingredient that makes the recipe successful. Helpful charts (like a primer on steaming vegetables or cooking grains) and Cooking 101 pages (covering topics like brining, cheese, and crudité) make this a reference unlike any other. Bound to get America back into the kitchen again, this is a family cookbook for generations to come.


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