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  1. 3GJuice Black 2.0 1800 mAh/2A DeLuxe Version iPhone/ iPod Battery Charger

3GJuice Black 2.0 1800 mAh/2A DeLuxe Version iPhone/ iPod Battery Charger

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Would be great for travelling especially.


Product Description

When the battery icon is coloring red, click in the 3G JUICE , start smiling. Double the life from 10 to 100% in 2,5 hours with this extra battery which easily clips on your iPhone (also iPhone 4), iPod or iTouch. Featured in Gizmodo (NL) and New York Times (US).

If you normally can talk 6 hrs with your phone, now you can talk almost 12 hours. If you surf for 4 hours, you get almost another 4 hours.

We prefer to use this comparison because claims like ‘up to 50 hours extra power’ are measured under extreme conditions: all features are off and the 3G radio has to have a great reception. That’s just not normal life.

The 3G JUICE charges the battery of your iPhone to 100% and can be reloaded afterwards through a mini-USB cable (included) or your normal iPhone-charger.

Be assured, the product output voltage/current is designed per Apple specification. It will not damage your iPhone/ iPod. It has a certification from Apple, called ‘Made for iPhone’
You can throw a 3G JUICE in your glove department (put it on OFF), forget it for a whole year and it will still give your iPhone another boost.

Supports the new iPhone 4

The high capacity, compact size Li-Polymer in 3G JUICE is small (62×60×12.9 mm) and gives your iPhone 3G a steady 5V. You can also charge any iPod with a 30 pins connection with it.

Ideal for long trips or as emergency battery.

With new power board + improved response to extreme temperatures

This version has a strong 2A capable IC, which means that any peaks of your iPhone can easily be absorbed.

We’re extremeley proud about the stability of this version. Because we use li-polymer, there is no memory effect. Because of the 2A circuit, power doesn’t fade away after a few months.

Comes in a black box with USB-cable. Manual is provided online only, we’re a green company.

Support 3GS


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