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  1. shu uemura 'Gem Glam' Flawless Glow Powder

shu uemura 'Gem Glam' Flawless Glow Powder

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Never tried this before, but I am looking for a new shimmer powder and this looks fun!



  1. Erica Sanders Dannaker - "Hearts!"

Erica Sanders Dannaker posted on

I am fascinated and have an irrational desire to purchase this. It is a pricey product, so I wonder how well it works. Let me know if you hear anything about it!

  1. wishpot  beauty

wishpot beauty from Seattle , WA posted on

I know the color scheme is really neat, but I definitely have to try it out first since I am not too familiar with this brand. It looks like a lot of fun though! :)

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