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  1. Dyson  DC15 All Floors - The Ball Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

Dyson DC15 All Floors - The Ball Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum
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Product Description

Dyson engineers have developed an entirely new type of vacuum cleaner, with a ball instead of wheels, so it twists and turns like no other vacuum. Traditional upright vacuum cleaners can be hard going, especially in small spaces. You crash into chairs, bash into bookcases and scuff the skirting boards, unaware that the machine is controlling your movement, rather than the other way around. It can be tiring, frustrating and often, due to the lack of control, you miss whole areas of your home. The Ball tackles these problems, so cleaning is more efficient. The Ball is a full-sized machine but its more maneuverable than traditional vacuum cleaners. Instead of rigid wheels it has a single ball that allows it to glide around furniture. Just by turning your wrist, you can easily steer into the most awkward nooks and crannies – under the desk, around the sofa, and behind the TV.


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